How to write a research paper and get an “excellent”

How to write a research paper and get an “excellent”

State the purpose of the article and the approved research strategy to answer the question, but do not confuse introduction with results, discussion, and conclusion. Always keep them separate to ensure that the manuscript flows logically from one section to another. But before you start writing your article, there are two important things you need to do that will lay the groundwork for the whole process. Wordvice provides correct and high quality English editing services. We have helped thousands of scholars, students, writers and companies get the most out of their writing. General R&D structure – IMR & D. .

Tips for writing articles

Before starting the draft, go to any site that can not be edited by online users; keep in mind that Wikipedia and Quora are not considered good academic resources. You need to do your research well before you start developing the article. The title should be chosen wisely after you have decided on a topic that depends on your topic, for example, literature, sociology, management, art or historical research..

It includes all the sources you have cited or not. It differs from the simple one in that it explains all the literature and resources used on the internet, how they relate to your research work…

However, the order in which you write your article will not be the same as the final order of information. Let’s take a quick look at what each section does and then discuss how to organize and structure your work…

Science is collaboration and this principle should also be applied when writing an article. After reading the same text for several hours, you will probably miss small mistakes that can be easily avoided. An abstract is the only text in a research paper that should be written without using paragraphs to separate the main points. Approaches vary widely, however, for our research, the following approach can provide an effective introduction. Dividing the text into paragraphs is necessary for its better perception. The section should contain only one ready-made.

Like what you read?

Using this simple principle will help you formulate an idea and make your research paper easier to read. When writing a research paper, keep in mind that your paper will be read not only by scientists working on the subject, but also by ordinary people. Use simple words and do not refuse to use simple sentences. Otherwise, the reader will get lost in an incredibly long and complex text…


It is not necessary, but sometimes the best works contain it. If you do not have time to search for resources, contact our web services for assistance. If you need to know how to write the thesis correctly, you can always count on our support.

Over the years, young people have realized that doing research is the most important process in their career. It’s very important to memorize the structure and main ideas of the article, so read on to improve your research skills….

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